The fastest combination of tyre pressure and tyre widths is a long running debate. Traditionally narrow tyres inflated to high pressures have been seen as the fastest option for racers, however extensive testing and development by wheel companies and Pro teams over the past ten years has shown that in actual fact wider tyres and rims is a faster and more comfortable combination.

Wider tyres and rim profiles are now widley accepted by both manufactureres and consumers as the better option, however how wide and how low can you actually go with tyres and tyre pressures? Can 85psi actually be considered a low pressure for modern ultra wide wheel sets or can pressures be run even lower?

Does a faster feeling tyre pressure actually equate to an increase in speed out on the road?

The CyclingTips podcast answers some of these questions with the help of some of the cycling industries leading experts. Some are the answers are surprising however its worth a listen to find out how the simplest of tyre pressure alterations can improve your ride...


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  • Sam Aylott says...

    Amazing chat!

    On October 24, 2016

  • Charlie Moores says...

    Wow. Great podcast. Recreational riders everywhere need to hear this! Astonishing just how much of the received wisdom about (especially) wheels and tyres is being challenged at the moment. Thanks for making me think – and perhaps getting me an extra 1 or 2 extra mph for free!

    On October 22, 2016

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