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Journal — Film

VIDEO: HUNT CX [London X League 2016 R9: Leeds Castle]

VIDEO: HUNT CX [London X League 2016 R9: Leeds Castle]

Last year, a good friend of Hunt's, Josh Armstrong, decided to come along to a cylocross race with us & our good friends of Generation Press CC, to find out what all the fuss was about. He brought along a couple of cameras and kept himself quiet. Almost a year later, we're proud to present this sweet edit, an insight into this craziest of disciplines...

2016 Hunt Open Development Team Announcement

Thank you very much too every one of you who took the time to apply to our OpenDev team. We have received over 2300 application and we were amazed and humbled to see so much interest and support for Hunt. Narrowing down all the applications to only 6 OpenDev team members has been an incredibly difficult task but eventually we have selected people that represent a broad cross section of riding styles. At Hunt we are all riders which helps us understand what makes a good wheelset and through our Read the article

Product Lab Testing: The Cobbled Rolling Road

At Hunt Wheels when we receive a test sample wheelset to ride it marks a very special day. We all love to ride and are major bike geeks so the chance to try out the latest creations on the road and trails is an exciting occasion. Just like you we love to go out and put the miles in regardless of weather conditions and test our wheels in their natural environment.

However, on road testing is not the only testing that our wheels undergo. Prior to launch all of our wheels are put through a cobbled rolling road test in a laboratory. This test is designed to expose the wheels to extremely high levels of fatigue, much higher than we could impose in our real world tests.


2016 OpenDev Team: Join us. £1000 worth of kit for your two-penneth! - Applications now closed.

Team will be announced 12th March - Thank you to the 2000+ riders who applied! This is an exciting new chapter in product development.

Six successful applicants will receive Hunt wheels, a Giro Synthe helmet and Mobel Hunt team kit just for riding and telling us what you think about our wheels, new products and our service.

At Hunt Bike Wheels we'd like to think we've stirred things up since our launch, with our wide, tubeless-ready rim and disc brake wheels bringing you the latest technology to boost your...