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Journal — Hunt X Mason


For the first time in my life I found my self in the unusual position of actually making it past the summer months and still having some annual leave left. The flop that was the Transcontinental Race was still smoldering in my mind and given that the reason that I had a weeks holiday left to take was the fact that I bailed on TCR after 1 day, it only seemed right that a long bike ride was due in order to rectify the situation.

Southern Europe has always fascinated me,...


I had this week all planned out – Wednesday was going to be a leg-breaking, lung-busting 215km ride from home out across the Strines to Holmfirth, then up the ‘Moss, over the Glossop and Macclesfield, up the Cat and Fiddle and home via Buxton. Then a cold intervened and I decided something a little more low-key and less chest-infection-inducing was more in order.

I decided that I’d tick off another ride on my list instead – the Monsal Trail tunnels. Having ridden on the trail as a youngster, and knowing that the tunnels had been opened up in 2012 after some grant funding to make them safe, I had fancied getting up there and riding the entire length of the trail for some time. As it is flat all the way, I thought it would be less likely to transfer the lurgy to my chest and have me running to the GP for the dreaded antibiotics.

Cycling to Eurobike

Hunt Wheels brand ambassador Hamish Paine recently cycled across Europe with Hunt Wheels brand manager Josh Ibbett. See how he got on in his video of the trip and read his report below:

Have you ever made a deal, then walked away unsure about what on earth you’ve got yourself into?  That was exactly how I felt when Josh locked in that I would join him to ride unsupported from Calais to Friedrichshafen in southern Germany for Eurobike, a journey of over 600miles.


Previous to setting...

Transcontinental Race 2015: Josh Ibbett 's race summary pt 2

I could sense them watching me, I was surrounded in the dark and I lay dead still frozen with fear for what seemed like hours. Then they came for me. I struggled to escape but was trapped, trapped in my bivvi bag and unable to find the zip to escape. I writhed around in the long grass in terror, my hands unable to locate the zip for what seemed like eternity before finally I found it and ripped it open to escape. The night air was fresh and snapped me from my nightmare. The mosquitoes were still buzzing around me...

Josh Ibbett Wins Trans Continental 2015 Race: 4239km in 9 days // 23 hours // 54 minutes.

After watching the dots every 5 minutes for most of yesterday Josh's kms to the Istanbul finish were dropping nicely. However, we were all aware that Josh really wanted to make the finish in under 10 days. And it was looking nail bitingly close, to be honest we all just wanted him to finish safely. Our Josh supporters Whatsapp group messaged each other nervously as the hours, then minutes ticked gradually towards the ten day mark. With 30 minutes to go the tracker was showing 4 kms, surely no problem, of course this is when the tracker decided to stop...