Continental GrandPrix 4 Season folding (Pair) tyres & tubes supplied with your Hunt wheelset



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Quality Continental road bike tyres made in Germany

You can now have Continental GrandPrix 4 Season folding tyres and inner tubes supplied with your Hunt wheels.

Normal suggested retail price (SRP) for these tyres is £129 per pair. 

Please note - we can only supply these tyres at the time of purchase of a Hunt wheelset. We cannot supply them separately.

The GrandPrix 4 Season is an outstanding tyre for year round use. Excellent grip and puncture resistance 

Here is what Continental say about the GP 4 Season tyre:

Technology for the 'Hell of the North'

Thanks to its DuraSkin™ anti-tear fabric and two Vectran anti puncture strips, the Grand Prix 4-Season holds up under extreme conditions. In the Paris- Roubaix race, the "Hell of the North", cyclists equipped with DuraSkin™ enhanced tyres have the fewest tyre related problems during the race. Incorporating our special wear resistant carbon compound, the tyre is characterised by very good mileage performance as well as excellent adhesion on wet roads and at low temperatures.

With 23 mm, 25 mm and 28 mm versions, the Grand Prix 4-Season makes it possible to select the right tyre for various road qualities and comfort requirements. A double Vectran™ Breaker belt under the tread raises the puncture and cut protection to the highest level available on the market. Featuring a total of five piles beneath the tread, plus a sixth Duraskin layer, it's ideal for rough sportives and generally bad road conditions.

"The Continental GP 4-Season is the standard: full score in all categories! The tyre is lightweight and rolls well. It achieved by far the best result in offering fantastic grip and puncture protection, even in the cold and wet. Not just the top winter tyre." The test results from Road Bike Magazine 02/11.


Advanced BlackChili compound for low rolling resistance, high mileage and maximum wet weather grip

A proven tyre with a facelift, new colours, new design, tried and tested technology

Vectran™ breaker for unsurpassed puncture protection

Available colours: black

Recommended pressure: 110psi Maximum pressure: 120psi

Sizes: 700c x  23, 25, 28

Weights: 215g (700 x 23), 225g (700 x 25), 235 (700 x 28)


IMPORTANT NOTE - Continental clincher tyres are only suitable for use on hooked rims. They are not suitable for use on HUNT wheels which feature HLW rims (only applicable to version 1 30Carbon Aero Disc, 50Carbon Aero Disc, 30Carbon Gravel Disc wheels), we are also aware that some Stans and Enve rims feature similar designs, please contact us if unsure. 


Which size to run 23, 25, or 28mm?

Any of these three tyre sizes will work excellently with our wheels and provide great performance but advantages can be gained by selecting the tyre width to match your intended routes and types of riding.. While 23mm wide tyres are a great choice for many riders and have become the status quo over the past decade the consensus is shifting towards 25mm and in some cases even 28mm (even for pro-riders) as having lower rolling resistance, puncture protection and of course comfort/grip.

Weight is obviously a factor and if you can save some on the tyre that will make a bit of difference to climbing, so our view is if we're going to be doing rides/races with lots of climbing, where the descending speed/grip is not so important, then we would consider the 23mm option. We would also use 23mm tyres with our Race Season wheels for any short aero focused events such at time-trials and sprint/Olympic distance triathlons on smooth roads, as there is reasonable consensus that a narrower tyre than rim improves aerodynamics. For pretty much any normal events/riding we would go for 25mm to improve rolling resistance/speed, grip and comfort. We would use 28mm tyres with a lower pressure (around 85-95psi) for training, rough roads, cobbles, or super long events where reducing fatigue is essential.

There are several articles online regarding tyre width choice but here a is a really good article by the guys at 'Should you be using wider tyres on your road bike?'


Ordering Your Tyres

At the same time as ordering your wheels | simply add this item to your basket and we will  ship your wheelset and tyres together.

Already ordered your wheels? | If you have already placed an order for wheels which have not yet shipped and would like to add these tyres to them, simply buy them on the website, using the same email address as your wheel order. We will automatically match all your orders and ship the tyres with your wheelset.


Continental Bicycle Tyres

More than 100 years experience in the development and production of bicycle tyres has made Continental a unique company within the industry. Continental is the only German bicycle tyre manufacturer to produce its tyres in Germany. Knowing this serves as a mighty incentive to our engineers and everyone else involved in the manufacturing process to constantly strive for further innovations. In our technology and development center in Korbach, we are constantly developing new revolutionary technologies such as the unbeatable Black Chili Compound and the ultimate Vectran™ Breaker anti-puncture technology, both used at the top end of race sport. These technologies demand sophisticated processes to ensure our legendary end-product quality, and these innovations as well as the new “ProTection” and ”RaceSport” technology for MTB tyres, can only be manufactured in our factory in Germany – “Handmade in Germany”. In order to offer the best tyre for any application, we rely equally on dialogue with our professional racers, hobby cyclists and everyday bike riders. This results not only in high-end products for top sports applications such as the new Podium TT or the revolutionary downhill tyre “Der Kaiser”, but also tyres for everyday use like the new innovative combination EcoContact/EcoContact Plus as a companion to the latest e-bike trend. As a global player, Continental also maintains high-tech production facilities outside of Germany, where Continental tyres are produced for you with an equal degree of care and dedication. One thing all Continental bicycle tyres have in common is that they are developed in the technology center in Korbach, Germany, where they also undergo strict inspection. Our heart and soul is behind the phrase “Handmade in Germany”, with all of its products and technologies.

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