Shimano SM-RT99 Finned IceTech Freeza Centre-Lock Disc Brake Rotor (Pair)


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The Shimano SM-RT99 rotors can be fitted to all our road bike disc wheels.

Shimano ICETECH Technology uses an innovative 3-layer clad rotor system to reduce heat levels in the disc brake rotor. This helps reduce heat induced brake fade and leads to increased rotor and brake pad life. The steel braking surfaces sandwich an aluminium core which allows heat to dissipate from the braking surface efficiently.

Shimano ICETECH FREEZA technology takes the innovative 3-layer clad rotor to the next level by adding radiator fins for additional cooling. The new SM-RT99 rotor is the most effective heat management rotor ever produced by Shimano.

At Hunt we have extensively tested the SM-RT99 rotors during the development of our disc brake wheel sets and have found this to be the most effective rotor for heat dissipation, especially when used on prolonged descents and high speed braking.

The Center Lock interface with the hub provides an increased contact area between the hub and rotor compared to a 6-bolt design. This is especially noticeable when used on a disc brake road bike where the braking forces produced are increased due to the grip of rubber on tarmac. Off road this is not as noticeable as tyres tends to skid sooner due to the lower levels of grip associated with braking on a loose surface. 

Rotors can be ordered in pairs when you place a wheel order and are available in both 140mm and 160mm versions.