If you can't see any wheels listed below then unfortunately we are sold out of Nearly New Hunt wheels. We will announce any further Nearly New hunt listings on our Hunt Journal emails so please enter your email address here to receive the journal.

Many of you have been asking us about sales, we have so much demand for new HUNT wheels and our prices are very competitive year round so that it just isn’t viable but here’s your opportunity to grab an amazingly low price. Please don’t miss out. All the wheels are in perfect working order and have been reconditioned/checked by our mechanics and wheel builders.

The discount is so good it far outweighs any slight cosmetic marks or light use that they may have had. Our highly rated 60 day Ride and Return Policy and our full warranty still applies, this shows how confident we are that you will love these wheels.

Phone orders only, please call +44 (0) 1273 931 428.

Due to many recent enquiries we already know demand will be high so by phone payment is the only way to secure your wheels. Sorry we cannot reply to any correspondence regarding this sale by email or social media as it is likely the availability information will be out of date very quickly.

Below is the list of all the wheels that we have available. Please quote the product code to the person you are speaking to on the phone so we know which wheel set you are interested in. Obviously, as these wheels have been returned to us and refurbished they will show some very slight signs of use such as small marks on freehub bodies and light use on braking tracks of rim brake wheels.

For more information about specific wheelsets, just click on the name of each. This will redirect you to the wheelset's page.


These wheels feature our Hunt H-Lock Wedge (HLW) sidewalls which are similar in design to those found on Enve SES AR4.5 Disc road wheels, Stans Avion Disc road wheels, Praxis and Roval also use a very similar design. The Hunt H-Lock Wedge sidewalls are designed to have stronger impact resistance for their weight and lock the bead in place whilst allowing the tyre to reach a wider overall size reducing rolling resistance and providing more grip.


Hunt HLW wheels are designed for wide versatility and are compatible with a large range of tyres from 25mm to 50mm, please use tyres specifically designated as TUBELESS or TUBELESS READY and constructed with CARBON BEADS.  These tyres have predictable bead diameters and a strong bead construction. You can use an inner tubes with these Hunt HLW rims as long as they are used in tubeless tyres. Tyres constructed with Aramid/Kevlar beads including, Hutchinson Fusion 5 tyres and Mavic tyres are not suitable for use with HLW rims. If in doubt please contact your tyre manufacturer.


Suitable tubeless road, gravel and CX tyres are available from a huge range of companies including Schwalbe, Hutchinson (Sector/Overide Only), Panaracer, Maxxis and many more. Schwalbe Pro One 25mm tyre weighs just 255g, is tubeless ready and is Schwalbe's class leading clincher racing tyre.


Maximum tyre pressure for Hunt HLW rims is 100 psi when used with 25-28mm tyres. 100 psi is more than enough for any rider on road. Click here to listen to a podcast exploring the science of why lower pressures were found to be faster by pro teams.

Maximum tyre pressures for other tyre sizes 30mm do not exceed 70psi, 33mm do not exceed 50psi, 35-45mm do not exceed 40psi, 46mm+ do not exceed 35psi.

Please do not exceed the maximum pressure stated on your tyre.

Tyre Sizes: These rims are suitable for tyres from 25mm up to 50mm wide.

Please speak to us on 01273 931 428 to secure your wheels. Please be patient as the line gets busy. 

Sorry we cannot accept email communications for Nearly New Wheels as they sell out too quickly. 

Nearly new wheels can be shipped to European addresses only.


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  • Despite a lack of language skills on my part very good advice and nice conversation. Great promotion prices. I’m looking forward to the 50 Carbon Aero Disc CPR. Many Thanks.

    • Thomas Dewald