We have a few very special things happening at Hunt so in keeping with this trend we thought it'd be best to all out a South Downs bikepack adventure to celebrate, and record it for a film... WITH A HELICOPTER!

Donated to us for a few hours from a (very, very cool) friend of Sarah who works here at Hunt, we gathered at the top of the South Downs armed with a fleet of Mason Bokeh go anywhere, ride anything bicycles, to make a film celebrating the launch of some exciting products and special new adventures for one of our crew.  

"There's a helicopter 20 metres away with a camera pointing at me sliding down a gnarly trail... utter madness!"

Ollie Gray (Hunt Service Manager) 


Pre-ride prep

Dawn on the downs

4Season Gravel Disc enjoying the view

Team Meeting

Ready to ride!

Just waiting for a mate

Prepare for takeoff

Adventure rig

Tyre pressure is key - 23F/28R for 64kg Cal.


... and after.

Good times

We can not thank enough Cal & Dom from Mason for the support, riding and providing the Bokeh bicycles, as well as the amazing riding kit from Apidura, Rab, Fabric, USE Exposure, Giro and ZyroCycling to complete the entire AdventureSport package! Also a big thank you to all of the riders and helpers who came out to help and be a part of something truly special. Awesome ripping from Elaine Burroughs who displayed some incredible side sliding riding. Plus big thanks to James, Rowan, Hannah, Liam and Lucy for the stunning filming and photography.
It’s now down to our riding mates Doug, the film editor and James the Director to wade through the footage and make some sense of it all.

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A Mushroom, Luigi and Yoshi walk into a bar... no sorry a highly competitive, serious, everything on the line 'cross race...

After weeks in spent training up for their big race, Hunt Team members Josh, Ollie and Dan big race day finally came this past weekend. Performing at the very highest level at the SSCXEU champs meant everything, including racing kit, was throughly thought out to gain that extra 1% advantage. After all, it's the details that matter.

Honourable mentions go to:

  • Josh for snagging a fourth place but first place in fancy dress!
  • Dan for having the widest bars out on a cross bike for maximum stability!
  • Ollie for giving it a real go... after the race.

Race prep right until take off was the name of the game.
On the drops.
Where's Mario?
Think 460mm is wide? Try again 800mm is where it is at!
Post race cool down. Cheers!
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Hunt supported BikeChannel Canyon have kicked off their first race of the season with a spectacular win coming from Chris Opie at the 52nd PERFS Pedal Race. Tom and Ollie from Hunt Wheels were there to capture all of the action, so we have put together a photographic journal to show all of the excitement which took place. 

Primed and ready. 50Carbon Aero Wide set up tubeless for PERFS

Ticking the legs over on the rollers.



Winner - Chris Opie.

What could have been a race ender! A small bit of glass on winner Chis Opie's front wheel which happening in the last lap. Thankfully the tubeless sealant filled up the hole so that Chis could storm home to take the win.  

Packing up the team van. Ready for the next race.


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Results don't come easy at UCI pro-conti level, so for training duties, team BIKE-CHANNEL CANYON will be relying on the HUNT RACE AERO WIDE wheelsets as they prepare for their season.

At a scantly 1480g, the team will hardly notice the disadvantage compared to their carbon race wheels as they pump through the hill reps or punch out paceline efforts. The RACE AERO WIDE's even manage to maintain an aerodynamic edge through their 31mm deep rim profile. The 20Front/24Rear aero bladed spokes laced to our straight pull Race Season hub complete the package.    


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Whilst riders generally grab most of the attention when it comes to racing, mechanics are often the unsung heroes behind a team's success. Up earlier than anyone to wrap a fresh set of bar tape, then last back to the hotel after a full clean, possible strip down and rebuild; they are working around the clock. This means mechanics, like Mark Haylett, of BIKE-CHANNEL CANYON know exactly what works and what doesn't.

Have a look at what Mark has said about setting up the team's Hunt 50Carbon Wide Aero: 

We have become strong advocates for tubeless technology. Having tested tubeless extensively on and off road we know it provides you with noticeably improved ride quality, grip and puncture protection. All our wheels come tubeless ready, but work perfectly with standard tyres and tubes, and provide excellent specs and low weight. Add tubeless tyres to any wheel order and we will fit them (including sealant) to your wheels prior to dispatch. You get all the puncture resistance and speed/grip enhancing benefits of tubeless but we put the effort in for you.

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Many of you have been asking us about sales, we have so much demand for new HUNT wheels that it just isn’t viable but here’s your opportunity to grab an amazingly low price. Please don’t miss out. All the wheels are in perfect working order and have been reconditioned/checked by our mechanics and wheel builders.

The discount is so good it far outweighs any slight cosmetic marks or light use that they may have had. Our highly rated 60 day Ride and Return Policy and our full warranty still applies, this shows how confident we are that you will love these wheels.

Phone orders only, please call +44 (0) 1273 931 428. Due to many recent enquiries we already know demand will be high so by phone payment is the only way to secure your wheels. Sorry we cannot reply to any correspondence regarding this sale by email or social media as it is likely the availability information will be out of date very quickly.

Below is the list of all the wheels that we have available. Please quote the product code to the person you are speaking to on the phone so we know which wheel set you are interested in. Obviously, as these wheels have been returned to us and repaired they will show some very slight signs of use such as small marks on freehub body's and light use on braking tracks of rim brake wheels.


 We are currently sold out.


Please call us on 01273 931 428 to secure your wheels.










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Starting on Friday December 16th, I am attempting to cycle 107 kilometres a day, every day, until Saturday April 1st. 107 days in total.

That's 11,449km - or the equivalent of cycling from London to Geneva, Switzerland, every week for 15 weeks in a row.

The Pace Centre is a school dedicated to transforming the lives of children up to the age of 18 with motor disorders such as cerebral palsy. Completely self-funded, it's founded on the firm belief that every child has the ability to learn and make progress, whatever physical or sensory challenges they face.

Each of the 107 children that attend the school face their own monumental daily struggle. Every element of their day requires complex planning. Not only by the teachers - who create tailored programmes to fit each of the kids' needs - but also by their families just to get them to and from the school each day.

These kids are the inspiration for the challenges I take on. I know I'm bound to face a few struggles throughout the 107 days. But, then again, we all struggle. 

At least 107 kilometres must be ridden each day. Roll-over is not allowed. All distance must be covered on the road or a Wahoo smart trainer due to their accuracy. Rollers are not allowed. Official distance will be recorded via Wahoo's ELEMNT, then uploaded to Strava. 

I'm not a pro, I don't have a support crew, I do have a job. I want to attempt to see what it's like to live every day where every second needs meticulous planning. And if the smallest detail is omitted, the following day will be even harder. There's no chance to rest. 

If you want to keep up with how I'm getting on, I'll be checking in daily and sharing my journey on Instagram (@chrishallrides) and Strava ( 
Today is day 29, over a quarter of the way through the challenge, there have been some real tough days due to work commitments, having to stay in the office late, mechanicals, snow or increasingly bad weather coming as it starts to get colder. 
There have, however been some special moments with the people I have met on the way in these 29 days. The discussions, laughs and company have been priceless and unbelievably flattering. The key thing is to remember why we do these challenges and the children at PACE are the inspiration.
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The following are excerpts from my new cycling journal I got for Christmas. I will be taking it with me on trips abroad and other such adventures. Expect shorthand, wishful thinking, and logical fallacies…


Friday 6th Jan 

The four of hearts. Apparently, that’s my card. Sitting on the ferry from Dover to Dunkirk, Aston, Danny & myself resorted to the most rudimental of card games called ‘guess the next card’. It’s amazing, if we ever meet I’ll teach you how it works. After just 3 cards were flipped and (incorrectly) guessed, I totally nailed it. It’s impossible I just got lucky, so cue suspicions from my peers over cheating. Thanks a lot, Lance...

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Our newest OpenDev member, Roman Siromakha, has recently just documented his effort during last year's Festive500 challenge. Riding 500km over a week is no easy feat, but completing it over three days during a New York winter is verging on the side of crazy! 

"To be honest, I have never finished the Festive 500 - every time I hit the 350-400km mark I just give up. It's exhausting! This year I decided I would finally achieve my goal, but it wasn't easy. I had a Christmas trip planned to Boston until the 26th and a CX race to shoot on the 31st, leaving me with very limited time in between to do some big rides that could count."

To continue reading on and see some fantastic photography CLICK HERE... 

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We are very pleased to announce our latest addition to the Hunt OpenDev Team for 2017 – Roman Siromakha.

Roman is a photographer, cyclist and adventurer based in Brooklyn, New York. With a passion for all things cycling and capturing his experiences in both words and pictures, he is quite the renaissance man. Belting around New York City on his road machine and exploring the path less travelled on his ‘cross steed we are delighted to be helping out Roman on his adventures near and far whilst rolling on Hunt wheels.
His unique eye for detail and voguesque style is truly encapsulating. Watch this space for more updates and photos from our newest OpenDev Member.
Welcome aboard Roman!

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