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Hunt Bike Wheels Journal

UP UP UP! Richard Cartland

A Q&A with our own hill climb fanatic Richard Cartland.

Comfort > Aero: Lisa Pfeiffer at Trans Continental Race

Read about Lisa's set-up for the TCR and why she's done away with aero kit and electronic gears.

Gail Browns Tour Divide

Up and down & full of drama. Gail talks about her ride at the Tour Divide 2023.

Jay & The Pan Celtic Race

The Rider Firm's very own Jay chats to us ahead of his first ultra race.

13,000km and Counting: Sofiane's HUNT Custom Wheels

A closer look at the wheels of one of the world's best Ultra-racers.

Preview: Tour Divide

HUNT Beyond rider Justinas Leveika talks about their aspirations ahead of the Grand Depart.

HUNT at Traka

We headed down to Girona to experience the dusty gravel tracks of the Traka

Race Day: Ben Boxer at Dirty Reiver

Ben recounts his experience at the Dirty Reiver 2023.

The Gralloch: Gravel Ready Tyres

Here are the tyres we'd recommend for racing at the Uk's first UCI World Gravel series event.

In Photos: Rich & James Rothwell's Highland Trail 550

Rich & his son James share their favourite photos from the infamous HT550.

The Gralloch x HUNT Wheels

We are joining forces with the UK’s first ever TREK UCI Gravel World Series event, The Gralloch. 

Beyond's Atlas Mountain Race

Molly, Gail & Rich talk about their experiences at the Atlas Mountain Race.

Lisa Pfeiffer & her Race Around Rwanda

Lisa recounts her experience at the Race Around Rwanda.

Manu & Katrien: Race Around Rwanda

Manu and Katrien's beautiful selects from the Race Around Rwanda

Behind the Design: Everything You Need to Know About Dynamos

What is a Dynamo hub and how does it work? We delve into the design behind a dynamo

HUNT Beyond: Year in Review 2022

Despite a string of top results in Ultra races, Hunt Beyond is about more than chasing podiums

Lisa Pfeiffer: In Between Lines

Lisa Pfeiffer details what it takes to complete the Mittelgebirgeclassique

Boru McCullagh: Mind Mapper

2 months in to Mind Mapping, Boru puts together some words to share his experiences.

Film: Mark Beaumont sets new North Coast 500 record

Mark Beaumont has set a new record on Scotlands North Coast 500 route.

Marin de Saint-Exupéry wins the Atlas Mountain race.

Marin de Saint-Exupéry has won the 1200km Atlas Mountain Race in Morrocco, setting a new FKT in the process.

Philippa Battye: Further Perseverance

Philippa Battye's journey tackling Further Perseverance

Film: Angus Young's European Tour Divide

HUNT Beyond rider Angus Young has broken the back of his 7600km odyssey across Europe.

Marin de Saint-Exupéry

Marin is readying himself for a return to the Transcontinental Race.

Sofiane Sehili wins the Tour Divide

HUNT Beyond's Sofiane Sehili wins the 2022 Tour Divide

Hunt at Tour Divide 2022

HUNT Beyond rolls up to the 2022 Tour Divide

Xavier Chiriboga: The Man Behind the Racer

HUNT Bike Wheels catches up with Xavier Chiriboga after his big win at The Stagecoach 400.

Rwanda Beyond: Giving Rwandan Bike Riders Opportunities and Recognition

Hunt Bike Wheels are incredibly proud to announce our support of the Rwanda Beyond project.

Gail Brown: The Trans-Cambrian Way

"It is not exaggeration that the first 50km took us over 6 hours. It was clear that we might have to adjust our goals."

Finley Newmark: Rwanda and Beyond

"This year is so exciting. Everything seems to be moving quite quickly, but that’s how I like it."

Film: Sofiane Sehili: The Comeback

The Comeback documents Sofianes road to recovery and the subsequent Trans Pyrenees race, which finished in spectacula...

Film: The GranGuanche Audax Trail

Josh and Sofiane navigate the high mountains and remote rocky tracks of the GranGuanche Audax Trail.

Film: The Cairngorm Loop

When Josh and Rich capture an adventure on film, you know it's going to be worth a watch.

Jay Sharp: Hunt in the Hills

Jay's bivvying 101, with the Hunt team in tow

Jason Kiefer: The North to South Race Bike Check

We catch up with Hunt Beyond's newest rider, Jason Kiefer, before he sets out for the North to South Colorado bikepac...

Nathalie Baillon: The B-Hard Ultra Race Report

Nathaile Baillon's B-Hard through Bosnia

Gail Brown on GBDuro

Gail Brown regales us with the reasons behind 'one of the biggest adventures of her life'