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Hunt Bike Wheels Journal

Limitless Technology: Explainer

Patented and used by the pro's, but what exactly is Limitless Technology?

A Year For The Books: Amelia Rose Watkinson's 2020 Season

A Year For The Books: Amelia Rose Watkinson ...

VR Racing 101: What You Need to Know

With this new flood of racing, we thought we'd go into a little more detail on the types of racing out there and how ...

Staying Injury Free with Samantha Bosco

For those who don't know Sam, she's a highly decorated Paralympic athlete who at her debut at the 2016 Rio Paralympic...

Opportunities are Knocking

While continuations of protectionary Stay-At-Home measures are still shaping our day to day lives, we hope everyone i...

Staying Indoors: A Triathlete's Guide (with Dan Gampon)

In October of last year, Ken (US Brand Manager) & Luisa (Product Engineering Manager), traveled to Kona, Hawaii t...

HUNT partner with Bianchi Dama for 2020

We're stoked to announce the first of a series of new team partnerships for 2020; the Bianchi Dama womens' road team ...

A Quick "Work" Trip to Kona

HUNT debuts at the Ironman World Championships in Kona.