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Hunt Culture

Hunt Bike Wheels exists because the wheels we wanted to ride weren’t readily available, so we assembled a team of talented, passionate riders with a wealth of industry experience, and set out to bring you the latest, most practical, forward-thinking technology in all things round. Our mission is to serve devoted riders with the highest performing products, backed by best-in-class rider support.


The Rider Firm: Performance Products for Devoted Riders

Serving riders is how we will succeed (if not we will cease to exist). Being a supportive family of riders is essential for us to achieve this.

We show true decency to each other. We work towards the best future for riders and people inside and outside of The Rider Firm.

We are riders with incredible ambition and talents. The potential of an idea and how well it serves riders is what matters – a well sustained company with a long-term view will be the outcome.

We are restlessly innovative. We only make a product if it’s better than our competitors. We are able to act fast. We learn on small test-runs while understanding the big potential and build for a sustainable business. We know that waiting for perfection can stop us from getting better.

Positive change
We work to improve our company and cycling as a whole, with the aim of making both more accessible, diverse, equitable and inclusive. We understand the environmental impacts of our business, and work tirelessly to minimize them. Durability and serviceability are essential features of our products.

Invest respectfully
We are spending the riders' hard-earned money.

We are grateful
To riders, each other, industry partners & the wider community. Pay it forward.
We love to talk bikes and riding.

To learn more about how we operate, what we stand for, where we invest our time and resources, and how we’re planning for the future of this company, read on below.