A More Sustainable Option

The HUNT RE:NEW program allows riders to benefit from significant savings on lightly used HUNT Wheels, helping us keep perfectly functional wheels on bikes where they belong. The process also allows us to reuse materials and components, helping us reduce our carbon footprint, while offering an option for riders seeking more sustainable post-consumer products with lower environmental impact

Getting Wheels Back on Bikes

Wheelsets offered through RE:NEW have been thoroughly inspected and refurbished by our qualified in-house wheel building and technical service team, to provide years of reliable performance.

RE:NEW wheelsets are 100% sound from a performance, functionality and safety standpoint, and are backed by both our 60-Day Ride & Return policy and 3-year warranty.

RE:NEW wheelsets may have been lightly ridden, fitted and shown for photography or marketing purposes, cosmetically damaged during shipping, or may otherwise show signs of use, such as marks from the mounting of a cassette. The extent of the cosmetic damage is indicated by the grade below and has been considered in the price offered.

Hunt gravel wheel skidding on gravel
Chloe Taylor jumping on HUNT Proven wheels

RE:NEW Grading

RE:NEW wheels have been graded into three categories:

NO Grade (25% OFF) - As New - you won't be able to tell they have been ridden.

Grade A (35% OFF) - Light use - Slight cosmetic marks on the wheels.

Grade B (50% OFF) - Used - It may have cosmetic marks to the hub or rim and will show signs of use - they have been serviced and checked by our master wheel builders and will provide many more miles of use.

Hunt wheel builders work space

Limitations & Important Details

H_Care is not included with RE:NEW wheelsets

H_Care is not available to purchase with RE:NEW wheelsets

RE:NEW wheelsets are not available to stockists/retailers for resale

Included spares packs may be incomplete due to limited availability of small parts


What is a RE:NEW wheelset?

RE:NEW wheelsets have been returned for any reason, then inspected, refurbished, and serviced by our qualified in-house technical staff and wheel builders. RE:NEW wheelsets are 100% sound from a performance, functionality and safety standpoint, and are backed by both our 60 Ride & Return policy and our 3-year warranty.


 Why are HUNT wheels returned?

There are many potential reasons a wheel could become a RE:NEW product. Customers sometimes order the wrong size or specifications, the wheelset could have been cosmetically blemished during shipping, used for photography or other marketing purposes, or the customer simply could have changed their mind and decided another of our products better suited to their riding style and exchanged the wheel using our 60-Day Ride & Return program.

No matter the circumstances, you can trust that any RE:NEW wheel is 100% sound from a performance, functionality and safety standpoint. Better yet, the wheels are backed by both our 60-Day Ride & Return policy, and our 3-year warranty. You can trust that you’ll receive the very best support throughout the life of your RE:NEW wheelset.