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HUNT is operating at full capacity to meet high demand. Don’t miss out; pre-order now for earliest delivery.

The team at HUNT are continuing to actively encourage Covid precautions in the workplace in order to keep our teammates safe while delivering wheels as quickly as possible and offering best-in-class support to riders.

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Wide Tubeless-ready performance bike wheels

You ride every chance you get | You push on through wind and rain | Your time and money must deliver results.

Tubeless-ready | Lower pressures and great puncture protection. Our wheels work excellently with standard clincher tyres & tubes too
Designed with purpose | We don't spec down to a price point. We just create the best wheels for each type of riding
Open the gap in the corners | Enhanced grip, wide rims for broad road contact with lower rolling-resistance
String out the pack on the flat | Rounded profile aero rims, super smooth precision bearings by EZO Japan
Break-away on the climbs | Impressively low weights from 1295g-1969g

World's fastest wheels

Wind tunnel proven against world leading wheels.
Designed by HUNT Product Engineering Manager, Luisa Grappone (MSc Aerospace Engineering)

Road/CX Wheels

Gravel Wheels

MTB Wheels

Developed by real-world riders, trusted by pros.

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We fitted thousands of tyres in the last year, and not one had an inner tube.

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