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Hunt Beyond:
Manu Cattrysse

Another new addition to HUNT Beyond for 23 is Manu Cattrysse. Manu is Katrien’s partner and when he’s not putting in top rides at big races such as the Tour Divide he loves to spend time on cycling adventures with his family.

Name: Manu Cattrysse

Hometown: Hamme, East-Flanders, Belgium

Years riding: 23.

Longest bike ride: Northern Alaska to Mexico - 6000 miles

First Bike trip/ adventure: 1200km touring-trip at age 11 from home to the pyrenees.

Favourite ride snack: Blueberries

Wheels of choice:I love riding my Hunt 48 Limitless which is laced with the SON Dynamo, although I can't wait to shred the Proven Carbon Race XC soon.

Cycling Highlights: Tour Divide '22 second place, European divide trail's Northern section with our kids, Atlas mountain race '20

2023 Goals: Race around Rwanda (duo-race), Granfondo des Vosges, Highland Trail 550, Silk Road Mountain Race and taking my two boys on bike-adventures somewhere in between.

Follow Manu's adventures

Follow Manu's adventures