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Meet the People Behind Hunt

Hunt Bike Wheels exists to create cutting-edge performance wheel products for devoted riders like you. Cycling, for all of the team here at HUNT | TheRiderFirm, is a core passion - whether we are riding along a ribbon of forgotten singletrack; pounding through the daily commute or racing our riding buddies to the next street sign... riding is very much a part of what we do at TheRiderFirm. A lot goes on behind the scenes to bring you wheels created from the drive to deliver a riding experience second to none. Here are the people who make this possible.

Luisa Grappone

Product Engineering Manager

MSc Aerospace Engineering

Peter Marchment

Materials Scientist and Owner

Peter designs and coordinates how Hunt Wheels are produced.

John Marchment

Chartered Materials Engineer

BEng Honours In Production Engineering, Loughborough University

Richard Cartland

Customer Service and Tech

Richard will help answer all your queries regarding our wheels or any other cycling related questions.

Dan Clark

MTB Product Speccing, Technical and Dispatch

Dan helps design and piece together some of our products as well as get the wheels from Hunt to you.

Ollie Gray

UK and European Product Communications

Road and CX Manager

Shirley Leather

The Rider Firm Warehouse & Dispatch Manager

Shirley manages wheel shipments, the warehouse and postage.

Stanimir ‘Stan’ Bolyarov

Website and Digital Marketing Coordinator

Customer Services and Dispatch

Tom Marchment

Product Manager and Owner

Tom helps decide what products are created and oversees business development.

Josh Ibbett

Customer Service and Product Development

2015 TCR Winner // 4239KM // 9 days // 23 hours // 54 minutes

Hamish Paine

Product Communications and MTB & Gravel Specialist

Hamish delivers you information from TheRiderFirm

Simon Turk

Customer Service, Tech, Dispatch & Triathlon Adviser

Simon helps you with any questions you may have and helps with the logistics behind getting you the wheels

Jack Tweddle

Lead Customer Service

Operations Coordinator

Julie White

Finance and Accounts

Julie does things with money and keeps things above board.

Sarah White

Customer Services, OE Manager and OpenDev Team Manager

Sarah helps out Orignal Equipment Clients (bike companies) and answers any questions you may have.

Adam Bedford

Operations Coordinator

Customer and Wheel Service

Lee Minall

Customer Service, Tech and Dispatch

Lee makes sure your wheels arrive in time with nicely sealed tyres

Piotr Meller

Customer Service, Tech and Dispatch

Piotr helps dispatching your wheels in the most efficient way possible

Alex Taylor

Customer Service Team Manager

Alex manages the daily activities of the team at The Rider Firm

Jim 'Jimbo' Barrow

Mechanic and Wheel Builder

Jim builds wheels and fixes everything at The Rider Firm

Tom Foot

Customer Service, Tech and Dispatch

Tom will answer any of your questions and help out with any other support you need

Al Vines

Tech and Warranty Manager

Al helps out with all things technical and manages the warranty team at The Rider Firm

Robin Hursthouse

Customer Service, Tech and Dispatch

Robin can usually be found putting the compressor through its paces in the tyre fitting bay, making sure your tyres are nicely sealed.