Genuine Innovations Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit


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This quick and easy-to-use kit consists of 5 self adhesive plugs and an insertion tool. Should you puncture out on the trail, just insert a plug into the hole using the insertion tool and the hole is sealed instantly. It’s that simple.


Genuine Innovations say... "Stranded? Let us throw you a rope! Our Tubeless Tyre Repair kit is the top selling rope plug kit of its kind on the market. Finally, a flat solution for your tubeless tyres! Quick and easy flat repairs now can be made on the trail. Insertion tool and plugs repair the hole in seconds!" say... "The Genuine Innovations Tubeless Tire Repair Kit does what it says on the tin. If you run tubeless tyres, you really should carry this" (5/5 stars)


Technical Specs

  • Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit * #G2650
  • Mini screwdriver plug threaded
  • Size: Handle length 1.38" Handle diameter 0.46"
  • Threader length 1" Threader Diameter 0.078"
  • 5 rope plugs
  • Construction: Tough butyl rubber