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Bike Perfect 4.5/5 Review - Hunt Trail Wide Wheelset

Same excellent ride quality, big tire support and an increase in rim toughness make Hunt’s Trail Wide V2 an even bett...

Offroad.cc 4.5/5 Review - Hunt Trail Wide Boost 29" Wheelset

The Hunt Trail Wide 29 wheelset is a well-designed, well-made, and well-priced wheelset.

NZ Mountain Biker - Hunt All-Mountain Carbon and XC Wide Wheelset

Hunt have managed to hit the fabled three - which shouldn’t be possible - with ‘cheap, fast and good’ being an apt de...

AMB Tested - Race XC Wide Wheelset

The Hunt Race XC Wide wheels accompanied me on a number of jaunts where I took some crowns and cups...

Mountain Bike Action - HUNT All-Mountain Carbon H_Impact Wheelset

Hunt is a UK company founded by a pair of riders who wanted wheels that offered superior technology without the high ...

IMB Review - HUNT All-Mountain Carbon H_Impact Wheelset

"A truly great set of carbon wheels at a ridiculously good price. Hunt has nailed it with these hoops, and the crash ...

MBR 10/10 Review - HUNT Trail Wide MTB Wheelset

"Lighter than most of the carbon wheels on test, the Trail Wides feel fast on the trail, and change direction rapidly...

Singletrack Review - HUNT Enduro Wide MTB Wheelset

"I’m looking at treating myself to a new bike later this year, and these Hunt Enduro Wides are at the top of my shopp...

MBUK 4.5/5 Review - HUNT Trail Wide MTB Wheelset

"These wheels are a brilliant balance of smooth speed, accuracy and userful toughness, outriding many carbon competit...

Singletrack Review - HUNT Trail Wide MTB Wheelset

"With the Trail Wide being upgraded to a tougher alloy, and with only a slight increase in weight I believe that they...