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Cycling Weekly Magazine Nov 2016 - Winter Wheels Test: 10/10 BEST-IN-TEST "It's not often you find a component that ticks every box so competently but Hunt's new 4Season Aero V2 wheelset is an example of how to do things right. Strong, light and great value...Certainly the clear choice". Please see images for full review.
REVIEW CYCLING WEEKLY HUNT 4Season Aero V2 | Road Wheelset


Cycling Plus Magazine BEST-IN-TEST AWARD 5/5 "The overall title goes to Hunt, for its latest 38Carbon Wide Aero wheels. These combine every contemporary feature you could want, with a buoyant, sweet-handling ride that shames some wheels at three times the price." Oct 2016. See the full review in the product images.
HUNT 38Carbon Wide Aero | Road Wheelset | 1483g | 38Deep 26Wide
Cycling Weekly | Best in Test 10/10 Tubeless Wheels Grouptest | "Hunt has done amazingly well to get these wheels out at such a competitive price with market smashing performance: without doubt this is a 10/10 wheel set"
HUNT RACE AERO WIDE | Road Wheelset | 1480g | 31Deep 24Wide


The Times Newspaper On Your Bike Column | 5/5 review for the MASON x HUNT 4Season Disc wheels. Plus full company profile, find out more click link here. "The first noticeable aspect is the weight...when you pick your bike up after you’ve fitted them you’ll be amazed at how this transforms the weight of your machine".
MASON x HUNT 4Season Disc Wheelset

The Times Online for the MASON x HUNT 4Season Disc wheels. Plus full company profile

Cycling Plus Magazine  |  2016 Gear Guide  |  "New British outfit Hunt’s value-packed offerings have been making serious waves in the wheel world, and these 1549g wheels, with their 55mm-deep, 26mm-wide rims, look to continue that trend."

Hunt 55 Carbon Wide Aero

REVIEW: HUNT 55 CARBON WIDE AERO TUBELESS WHEELSET CYCLING PLUS GEAR GUIDE REVIEW  |  HUNTxMASON 4Season Disc Wheels Review  |  "Handsome and practical disc wheels from UK-based Hunt. Overall, these are a killer mid-priced set of hoops with all the flashiness of a top pair of hand-builts."

Cyclist Magazine Review Mason x Hunt 4season disc wheelset  |  HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS: CORY’S WISH LIST  |  "I’d put a £350 Mason x Hunt 4 Season Disc Brake wheelset at the top of my short list. Hunt Bike Wheels do something fairly unique; selling wheelsets already set up tubeless with tires and sealant pre-installed eliminating all of the hassle, and the Schwalbe One Pro tires they spec are solid performers in 23, 25 & 28mm sizes for just £100 more. " 
HUNTxMASON 4Season Disc Wheels




Cyclist Magazine |  "The Hunt 4Season wheels prove that solidity needn’t mean slothfulness, and performance needn’t mean pounds. AT £279 A PAIR YOU SIMPLY CAN’T GO WRONG" 
Cyclist Magazine review Hunt 4Season Aero Road wheels



Cycling Plus | BEST VALUE AWARD | 4.5 Stars "crammed full of features...the ride is taut and responsive but not harsh...our test set remained unscathed after long-term 'cross battering" 
MASON x HUNT 4Season Disc Wheels

HUNT 4SEASON DISC CYCLING PLUS REVIEW 4.5 STARS  |  "So would I buy the Hunt 4Seasons? If I owned a disc brake road bike with a lower end disc wheelset, the answer is a resounding yes!"



Cycling Plus  |  Head to head Winner Best on Test  |  "Lively in a way that is thoroughly satisfying...damn good value for money" 
Hunt Race Season Aero Wide Wheels


Bikes Etc  |  "These are a killer mid-priced set of hoops with all the flashiness of top pair of hand-builts" 
Hunt X Mason 4 season wheels  |  Mason Resolution Review with
Hunt X Mason 4 season wheels

More positive comments on the Hunt X Mason 4 season disc wheel set fitted to the Mason Cycles Resolution test bike, read the full review here



Bikes Etc magazine  |  First look
 Race Season Aero Wheels
  |  Mason Definition Road Bike review with Hunt X Mason 4 season disc wheels reviewed the Mason Bikes Definition fitted with our Hunt X Mason 4 season disc wheels. The wheels recieved some very positive comments, read the full review here. impressed during their first ride on the Hunt X Mason Four Season Disc Wheels and Mason Resolution Bike
"the lightweight Hunt wheels complementing the frame here both in terms of weight and stiffness."




The road specialists at renowned   |   Tubeless-ready Hunt Bike Wheels hit the road soon



The World's largest cycling website   |   HuntBikeWheels launches with tubeless-ready road wheels introduce us to the USA   |   Hunt Bicycle Wheels Starts The Chase w/road tubeless from UK