HUNT 50Carbon Aero Disc | Road Wheelset | 1498g | 50Deep 27Wide 24Spoke | £899 - LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE NOW


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Aero, deep, rounded & fast | Super wide wind-cheating profile.
Designed specifically for disc braking from the ground-up the 50CAD leaves rim brake wheels in the dark ages!
Only 1498g
£899 Pair 


Our wheels are in high demand due to their unique superior specifications and excellent reviews. Please be aware that we are working hard to meet demand. Unfortunately sales often outstrip supply, so please order now to avoid disappointment.


Tubeless Tyre Fitting Option

The wheels are also designed to work excellently with clincher tyres.

    Schwalbe One Pro Tubeless Road Tyres 23, 25 or 28mm can be fitted for £99. SRP per pair is £134, we fit them and include the sealant saving you the effort and £25. If you would like tyres fitting please add them to your basket and we ensure they are fitted prior to dispatch. Please CLICK HERE to see our range of tyres.

    'The Chase' is in The Details

    Disc specific high-performance rim technology that will deliver you to the finish every time. A strong and super-lightweight rim featuring unidirectional T24/30 carbon fibre with 3K weave re-enforced spoke holes. The seriously wide aero-rounded profile delivers excellent handling and speed. The evolution of disc brake specific construction has allowed massive weight savings over equivalent rim brake-rims. The removal of braking forces on the rim allows a strong but very light rim to be designed that can focus on it's primary roles of supporting the tyre and spoke forces. The 50Carbon Aero Disc specific rim's smooth rounded disc specific side wall also looks stunning of course. The rim dimensions are seriously wide at 27mm (21mm internal) which creates a great tyre profile with wider 23-50mm tyres, giving excellent grip and lower rolling resistance.

    V:Absorbe resin reduces vibration and massively improves impact resistance. Disc brake rims are obviously not required to handle the high temperatures induced by prolonged rim braking. We have made the most of this and used our new V:Absorbe resin blend in the carbon pre-preg which cures at a lower temperature. Lower temperature resins are less brittle meaning they have greater resistance to impacts and dampen vibration more effectively.

    H-Lock tubeless-ready rim bed profile. H-Lock is our tubeless-ready rim bed profile with up-kicks to the shoulders of the tubeless steps which help to create a great rim-well seal for first installation and easy sealing of tubeless tyres. The H-Lock profile also locks the beads in place more securely once seated. This is especially important when running lower pressures off road.

    Spokes are a very important part of the equation and we have gone to town choosing the top-of-the-range Pillar Spoke Re-enforcement (PSR) XTRA models. These butted blade aero spokes are lighter but also provide a greater degree of elasticity to maintain spoke tensions longer and add fatigue resistance.  PSR spokes featured the 2.2 width at the spoke head providing more material in this high stress area. As well as the standard square body we chose nipples with a hex head so you can achieve precise tensioning. Combining these components well is key and all Hunt wheels are hand-built and then tensioned by craftspeople who work in pairs to check and finish each other’s work.

    Freehub mechanism specifically for high forces such as sprinting featuring 3 multi-point pawls with 3 teeth each and a 48 tooth ratchet ring. The result an impressively low 7.5 degree engagement angle, and excellent resistance to wear under heavy loads. The HUNT Sprint freehub also features strong individual leaf pawl springs, which engage quicker still, owing to their higher rebound rate. The 3 individual springs also allow back-up redundancy compared to single spring systems. One thing to note is that individual leaf spring pawls are a bit louder than circular spring set-ups, but we think that is the right decision to make for this type of wheelset. As you can probably tell, durability is a key theme for HUNT wheels, as time and money you spend fixing is time and money you can’t spend riding or upgrading your bikes! As a result, all our freehub bodies also have Steel Spline Insert re-enforcements to provide excellent durability against cassette sprocket damage often seen on standard alloy freehub bodies.

    Bearings are the heart of any wheel and investing in them makes huge sense. We use high-grade precision smooth rolling sealed cartridge bearings by Japanese bearing experts EZO and this wheelset even has three of the rear hub bearings upgraded to S&S LU/LB seals which are low-friction sealed on the internal bearing face to further reduce rolling resistance and increase your speed whilst maintaining excellent sealing on the exposed faces. Durability is a theme for Hunt wheels as time and money you spend fixing is time and money you can’t spend riding or upgrading your bikes. As a result all our freehub bodies have Steel Spline Insert re-enforcements to provide excellent durability against cassette sprocket damage often seen on standard alloy freehub bodies.

    Things are changing fast in the road and CX disc market so we have adaptability built-in. Hunt Disc wheels are seriously future-proof. We can adapt your wheels to any current axle standard on the market, you just need to let us know what your requirements are by filling in the simple form on the confirmation page after checkout. Please note these wheels will not work with the older 15mm front road thru-axle standard. Disc fitment is also a potential head ache for riders. As Shimano hydraulic brakes, with their impressive ice-tech rotors, are appearing on many new bikes, we wanted riders to have the option so we went even more adaptable with centre-lock hubs and 6 bolt adaptors included.

    At Hunt we enjoy the puncture resistance and grip benefits of tubeless on our every-day rides so we wanted to allow you the same option, but of course these tubeless-ready wheels are also designed to work perfectly inner tubes, just use tubes in tubeless ready tyres.

    The consequence of the fanatical attention to detail is an outstandingly light 1498 gram wheelset weight. Go on scare the time-trial boys with your discs!

    For You Tech Gurus


    • Disc-specific tubeless-ready profile. Designed to work excellently with normal clincher tyres and tubes or tubeless tyres. 
    • H-lock bead-seat up-kicks for easy and secure tubeless installation
    • Unidirectional T24/30 carbon fibre with 3K weave re-enforced spoke holes
    • 27mm outer and 21mm inner width ideal for 23-50mm tyre widths
    • 50mm depth
    • Matt black base finished with matt white contrasting graphics.
    • Maximum tyre pressure for this rim is 110psi when used with 25-28mm tyres. 100 psi is more than enough for any rider on road. Click here to listen to a podcast exploring the science of why lower pressures were found to be faster by pro teams.
    • Maximum tyre pressures for other tyre sizes 30mm do not exceed 80psi, 33mm do not exceed 60psi, 35-45mm do not exceed 40psi, 46mm+ do not exceed 35psi.
    • Please do not exceed the maximum pressure stated on your tyre.


      • 24 front and rear laced 2 cross.
      • Aero Butted 2.0-2.2/0.95-2.0 then PSR section is 2.2.
      • Straight-pull for excellent torsional strength and direct power transfer
      • Cold drawn from high grade T302 (18/10) stainless steel wire by Sandvik Sweden
      • Patented Pillar Spoke Re-enforcement, butted again just before the spoke head providing more durability in high stress area.
      • Black stainless treatment


          • Alloy square body for external adjustment and square head for easy internal adjustment/tensioning. square spoke key included. 
          • 16mm length with washer for a strong connection to the spoke added durability.
          • 14 gauge
          • Black anodized finish


              • Forged and CNC’d 6061-T6 heat treated aluminium alloy body
              • 7075-T6 aluminium alloy axles
              • Centre-lock disc mount. 6 bolt disc adapters included
              • Polished anodized black finish with laser graphics

              Axle Size - Easily Adaptable & We fit them for you.

              These wheels are available with all existing disc brake road bike axle adapter sizes. All our axle adapters are easy to swap but we'll fit the adapters your bike needs to save you the work. After your order checkout is completed a simple form will show, as well as being sent to you in your confirmation email. The form allows you to select the axle size your bike needs, don't worry it also includes the option to tell us your bike model and we will find out and then fit the correct axles, plus we're happy to change them later at our cost if you don't quite get it right. Please note; this form is shown after you have completed your order. Please see below the full list of axle adapters available for these wheels:

              Front Hub

              • We fit the axles you need, just complete the simple form shown after checkout:
              • All existing road/CX disc front axle standards are available including:
                • Quick Release (Quick release skewers included)
                • 12mm Bolt Thru
                • 9mm Bolt Thru (uncommon)
              All axle adapters are also available separately


              Rear Hub

              • We fit the axles you need, just complete the simple form shown after checkout.
              • All existing road/CX disc rear axle standards are available including:
                • Quick Release (Quick release skewers included)
                • 12x142 Bolt Thru
                • 12x135 Bolt Thru (uncommon)
                • 10x135 Bolt Thru (uncommon)

              All axle adapters are also available separately.

              • 7075-T6 heat-treated aluminium alloy freehub body
              • Steel Spline Insert Shimano freehub body reinforcement provides excellent durability against cassette sprocket damage to the freehub often seen on standard alloy freehub bodies.
              • 3x treble-tooth individually leaf sprung pawls with 48 teeth on the ratchet ring for fast 7.5 degree engagement and instant acceleration
              • 9/10/11 speed Shimano/SRAM compatible freehub, Campagnolo and SRAM XD Driver versions also available.


                • High-grade sealed cartridge replaceable units.
                • Rear hub upgraded to even faster rolling LU/LB low-friction sealed internal face, dual sealed external face bearings.
                • Incredibly fast rolling.


                            In the Box

                            • Front wheel and Rear Wheels with White Shield tubeless tape fitted 
                            • The axle adapters needed for your bike, just fill in the simple form shown after order completion, the form is also included in your order confirmation email.
                            • Tubeless valves
                            • Cassette spacer for 8/9/10 speed
                            • Pair 6 bolt disc adapters
                            • HUNT spoke key for square fitment
                            • Spare of each spoke plus nipples
                            • Quality control card signed by your wheel builder

                                Warranty, HUNT Rolling Road Tests & Weight Limits

                                A full 2 years from purchase date warranty is offered to the original purchaser only on all Hunt bike wheels against material or workmanship defects, please click here to read full details

                                All HUNT wheels models have to pass our harsh cobbled-rolling-road tests for rider weight limits, please see here for more details100kgs is the upper recommended rider weight limit for these wheels. Please include the weight of any luggage in your total rider weight when choosing the correct wheels. If a rider is over 90Kgs then an experienced bike mechanic should check the wheel regularly and it is advisable to use tyres at max 90psi as this will reduce the fatigue on the wheelset. We are cyclists ourselves and do of course go above and beyond to offer excellent service if you ever do experience any issues. We carry full spares at very reasonable prices and offer complete support.

                                60 Day Ride & Return Period. We are certain you'll be impressed by the acceleration, low-weight, speed and durability of our wheels. We are cyclists and as such strive to offer class leading service and support. Buy with confidence, if for any reason you wish to return the wheels for a full refund of your order you can do so up to a full 60 days after you receive them whether they have been ridden or not. Please note we cannot offer refunds on wheels that have suffered from crash damage but do offer a crash replacement discount.

                                The Ultimate Road Disc Wheelset

                                Pro-road races (Marcel Kittel Tour de France 2017 5x Stage wins) crits and even TTs will be won by disc brake bikes, the revolution is happening and you need an aero wheelset that delivers speed and lots of it for all your riding. Introducing the 50 Carbon Aero Disc. The super-wide 27mm rim provides superior aerodynamic performance. The U-profile serves up great handling and reduces drag across multiple wind yaw-angles.The extra wide 21mm internal rim bed opens out your tyre profile providing exceptional vibration reduction, grip and low rolling-resistance, a 25c Schwalbe Pro One tyre measures 28mm! The straight pull hubs and bladed spokes reduce weight, add strength and respond instantly to your accelerations. The freehub body on the HUNT Sprint hubs is also upgraded with 48 teeth on the ratchet ring and treble-tooth pawls, providing 7.5 degree engagement. We’ve even upgraded to LU/LB bearings which are low-friction sealed on the internal face to further reduce rolling resistance and increase your speed whilst maintaining excellent sealing on the exposed faces. The latest breed of tubeless tyres give-up nothing in weight to their clincher counterparts, as well as removing the tube for weight saving and reducing rolling resistance, so tubeless was essential. 

                                The Experts' View

                                These are the reviews we've received for the 30mm deep version of this wheel.

                                Cycling Tips 30Carbon Aero Disc Review Logo

                                9/10 REVIEW

                                "It’s hard to find a road disc wheelset that can compete with Hunt Bike Wheels 30Carbon Aero Disc wheelset on every front. This is one upgrade that road disc bike owners cannot afford to overlook."

                                4/5 HIGHLY COMMENDED AWARD

                                "It's deep enough to provide an aero benefit without creating so much surface area that it could get blown around in the wind, and the U-profile helps to ensure stability in crosswinds."

                                Bicycling Australia Logo

                                "Their low weight is evident in acceleration and while climbing. Powering along the flats they are comfortable and don't hold you back... a level of confidence that will put your best times on notice."

                                Road CC Logo

                                First look at the HUNT Carbon Disc wheels and video discussing carbon disc brake rim technology

                                Specs Overview

                                • Rims | Unidirectional T24/30 with 3K weave re-enforced spoke holes. Disc specific. Tubeless-ready for lower weight & rolling resistance, featuring H-lock bead-seat for easy and secure tubeless installation. 50mm deep, Super-wide 27mm aero U-profile.
                                • Tyres | Wide 21mm rim bed creates a broad tyre profile, suitable for tyres from 25mm up to 50c. Suitable for clincher or tubeless tyres. Not included.
                                • Hubs | Race Season SPRINT straight-pull. 7.5deg engagement angle. Steel spline insert protects cassette body. C/lock disc mount, 6bolt disc adaptors included. SRAM XD Driver available.
                                • Axles | Easily adaptable & we fit them for you. Fit almost all current axle sizes and are easy to change; Front - QR, Bolt thru 12/9mm, Rear - QR, Bolt thru 12x142, 12x135, 10x135. Please note these wheels will not work with the older 15mm front thru axle standard, however 30Carbon Gravel Disc wheels do accept 15mm front axles. Please click here for more info on how to select your axles.
                                • Spokes | 24F/24R Pillar PSRXTRA Aero straight pull
                                • Nipples | 16mm alloy double square with washers.
                                • Included | Tubeless tape & valves, spare spokes, spoke key, axle adapters (please fill in the simple form after checkout to select your required size), pair of 6bolt disc adapters.
                                • Weight  |  1498g (rims, hubs spokes and nipples)

                                HUNT   |   The Chase Is On.

                                You ride every chance you get, you push on through wind and rain, your time and money must deliver results. We are honoured to create the best wheels for you.

                                • Tubeless-ready  |  Lower pressures and great puncture protection. Our wheels work excellently with standard clincher tyres & tubes too.
                                • Designed with purpose   |   We don't spec down to a price point we create the best wheels for each type of riding 
                                • Open the gap in the corners   |   Enhanced grip; wide rims for broad road contact with lower-rolling resistance
                                • String out the pack on the flat   |   Rounded profile aero rims, super smooth precision sealed cartridge bearings.
                                • Break-away on the climbs   |   Impressively low weights

                                  We have to reserve the right to alter specification when necessary but of course your can return any product within our 60 day satisfaction period even if you have used it as long as it's not been damaged due to an accident.