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We're not immune to the satisfaction of watching stunning bikes being built. So when we had the chance to be involved in the making of "the Ultimate Bike Packing Beast" by Tailfin and Sour Bikes, we couldn't say no.

For the supreme ASMR bike build, Sour Bikes offered their Pasta Party XC Frame to be matched up with Tailfins bike packing equipment with the aim of making it a “Tough as hell” bike packing rig! With the HUNT Proven Carbon Race XC as the chosen wheelset to complement this build, its low weight but high strength performance makes it the perfect asset for this steed to create a tough bike packing machine.

HUNT Proven Carbon Race XC

Wondering why HUNT Proven was the wheelset of choice? Dig into the nitty-gritty details of what makes our wheels the choice for riders who crave more than just a trail 

Ultra Lightweight

At 1469g the Proven Race XC is our lightest carbon XC steel spoke wheelset to date.

Lightning Fast Elevation

RapidEngage 5 degree, 3x2 freehub makes every pedal stroke count.

Purpose designed rims

Designed to provide an unparalleled balance between strength and low weight.

Free H_Care Lifetime Crash Replacement

To ensure you're not out of pocket should the worst happen.