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Road Bicycle Tubeless Tyre Fitting Guide

At Hunt we’re just like all other cyclists and so have spent many years fiddling with bikes, wheels and tyres. Over the course of time we have often had to learn the hard way, with a fair amount of trial and error and head scratching.  There is plenty of useful information that can save you loads of time and we realise that you have a life outside of cycling and don’t necessarily want to spend hours researching how to set up tubeless tyres or comparing wheel specifications to find the perfect product for your exact needs. To help you we will be creating a number of ‘how to’ videos exploring the more practical side of wheel ownership as well as a series of videos explaining some of the concepts and features behind our purpose driven wheel range development.

In this article we will take you through the easy steps to fitting tubeless road tyres to tubeless road bike rims and tell you the hints and tips we’ve picked up through our many years setting up tubeless.

Hunt x Mason: A collaboration

Hunt wheels and Mason cycles share many similarities. Both are young companies, both are Sussex based and both strive to produce performance products with the focus of our efforts on you the rider. Dom Mason and Tom Marchment, co-founder here at Hunt, also previously worked with each other several years ago. With this close relationship we had a good feeling that our shared dedication, progressive thinking and passion for all things bike would ignite some nice creative sparks that could deliver some unique bikes and wheels.

Dom Mason, owner of Mason Cycles, had set out on his own to...

HUNT Bike Wheels: The Race Season

Our Brief: The Best Wheelset for Riding All Summer

The race season is well and truly upon us. It’s where all those winter training gains can be cashed in at the end of a race, those lost kilos begin to count on the sportive climbs, shorts and jersey are your go to kit choice, rest days are spent in front of the TV watching the pros and most importantly the best bike is wheeled out of the shed. The best bike with the best wheelset of course.
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New details about Hunt Bike Wheels - 22nd January 2015

We're proud and excited that today marks our official press launch of Hunt Bike Wheels. We are a new marque based in Sussex, UK and available world-wide, focusing on tubeless-ready road wheels for our launch. HuntBikeWheels was founded by Tom Marchment who has spent the last 12 years working with prominent bicycle companies, component brands and distributors in the UK.
Our aim is to bring you the latest practical technology and thinking in all things round. Range images and model specific details will be released in the coming weeks we are delighted to announce our...